Photos By Kathryn in New York

August 23, 2010

What an inspirational trip we’ve just had to New York. Our client, Susan Almrud, is an art dealer who shares her time between Vancouver and New York’s West Village.Kathryn Langsford Preparing for NYC On Location Photo Shoot

She flew my assistant Emily and I out for the week to photograph her new little guy, Sebastian. After taking in the city for the first evening , the next morning we headed over to Susan’s for the afternoon. It was such a luxury to have all the time we needed with Sebastian to capture every little newborn move.Almrud Quote

We had some great “alert” time together, and he opened his baby blues wide for the camera. Lucky for us, we had worn him out to the point where he slept soundly right through all the adjustments we made to make his sleepy photos just perfect. And mommy, Susan, had the most beautiful textures on hand! Cashmere, mohair, and sheepskin all added magic to  the look of these photos, and the cozy comfort of little Sebastian, who really did not cry the whole time. What an angel!

Newborn Photo Session on Location NYC

The mother and child portrait (see below) we did is one of my favourite of all time, what mom does not know that wonderful feeling of cuddling up in bed to your perfect little newborn?

Those weeks of newborn bliss are such a fleeting time, everyone deserves beautiful portraits of these moments.

– Kathryn Langsford

Almrud Newborn Photo Session New York

Almrud Photo Session on location in NYC

Almrud Baby Photo Session in New York

Almrud Family Photo Session NYC

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