Sneak Peak of 2010 Holiday Cards

August 25, 2010

We are giving you a sneak peak at the 2010 Holiday Card Collection by Photos by Kathryn. This is simply a tease as we have only shown two and there are fourteen different styles for you to choose from. In addition, this year we are excited to announce that we have as added to our card line up a Hanukkah Card and a New Years Card.

We are still a few weeks of fully launching out holiday 2010 collection, but what we can tell you is that they are a stunning combination of snowflakes, sepia and sparkle. We have kept the popular red metallic envelopes that compliment our holiday red and introduced a winter blue card that is accompanied by a metallic icy blue envelope. This years cards offer more selection then ever before with fourteen different styles available as well as a Holiday Insert to create a premium stationary look.

Contact the studio for more information and to book your session at 604.488.1254. Sample Cards will be available in studio as of September 13th.


The pattern used throughout each of the cards is our signature branding of the scrolls with snowflakes dancing among the pattern to provide a festive holiday feel.

pbk pattern


The 5 X 7 Card Collection focus is on a 3/4 fold so if you look below you will notice that the right panel is shorter than the left on the front. This allows for the Love is Family of the inside panel to peak through when folded. Cards are available in all red with sepia photos or blue with black & white.

2010 Photos By Kathryn Holiday Card

(L: Back Panel) 2010 Love is Family Card in Red (R: Front Panel)

2010 Photos By Kathryn Holiday Card

(L: Inside Left of Card) Love is Family Card in Blue (R: Inside Right)


The square collection is back with various trifold options. The card shown below is just one of the many options available.

2010 Trifold Photos By Kathryn Holiday Card

When folded the words are the first viewed when card is opened to complete the front phrase of Love is...

2010 Love is Kathryn Holiday Card in Red

Inside of 2010 Love is Kathryn Holiday Card in Red


We are pleased this year to offer the addition of a Hanukkah Card. The defining design in this, is the creation of the Star of David as the inner part of the snowflake. This design element is a part of all snowflakes in the holiday pattern that is shown throughout the card.

Hanukkah Card

Shown here: 1 inside panel of the 3 panel Hanukkah Trifold Card


The insert has a gray scale version of the holiday pattern. It is available with a personalized message, a standard holiday greeting, or simply with the holiday pattern to let you handwrite your message to your recipient.

Holiday Insert

Holiday Insert

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