Picture Perfect Baby Sedin

April 25, 2011

Recently we were  invited by the Sedins to come to their home and photograph teeny weeny new baby Anna. It is right in the middle of play off season and Vancouver is buzzing with excitement, but the vibe inside this house was giggly, cozy and light. I hope we managed to capture that.

Baby Anna was the perfect little subject, super squishy and cute, and giving us little sleep grins at all the right moments.
Big sister Ronja and brother Erik are even cuter than they were last year and we always look forward to capturing their cute little faces.

So after some jumping ..

Sedin_Photos By Kathryn

a little Toopy and Binoo

Sedin_Photos By Kathryn
some styling for Ronja

Sedin_Photos By Kathrynand some negotiating between Daddy and  Erik

Sedin_Photos By Kathryn
we finally got what we were hoping for, and lots more
Photos By Kathryn Family PhotographerPhotos By Kathryn Family PhotographerPhotos By Kathryn Family PhotographyPhotos By Kathryn Baby PhotographyPhotos By Kathryn Family Photography

Photos By Kathryn Family Photography

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2 Responses to “Picture Perfect Baby Sedin”

  1. These are beautiful! LOVE the shot of them all on the bed. What a great memory for their family.

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